Oxford Emeriti CC (10/07/2016)


Oxford Emeriti CC 181 for 4 (34 overs)

Dave 107 not out, Adam 6 ret’d hurt


Orwell 5-1-23-0, Dibley 4-0-16-0, Lyons 4-0-24-1, F. Van Der Borgh 4-0-30-0, Chagule 6-1-24-1, Mohsin 4-1-16-0, S.Van Der Borgh 4-1-17-1, D. Marshall 3-1-10-0


Catches: 3 - can’t remember who


Run out: 1 - can’t remember who (think it was an unholy mix-up)


WCC 182 for 5 (27.5 overs)


Chagule 22, D.Marshall 23, Laurie 61, Rashdi 4, T.Lyons 49, F. Van Der Borgh 5 n.o., Mohsin 8 n.o.


DNB J. Lyons, d’Inverno, P. Marshall



Subash 2-50, Mundhu 1-22, Deepak 1-13


Debuts: F. Van Der Borgh 


It’s fitting that Oxford Emeriti CC, a team comprised of peripatetic Trinity College dons, is one of the Weekender’s oldest fixtures. In a city where you can hardly move for American tourists exclaiming “Everything is SO OLD” or “It’s JUST like Hogwarts”, you half-expect to bump into Harry Potter on the short trip from the Turf Tavern to Jowett Walk, secreted as it is between ancient colleges. I suspect, Bill and Jeannie from Tallahassee would have been disappointed by the lack of magic on display at the Emeriti fixture, but also the surprising dearth of aging-splendour. This ‘Enders team boasted five thrusting young colts aged between 18 and 25.  Among them - Danny, son of Pat Marshall is a slick wicketkeeper and a destructive batsman; Toby, son of Julian Lyons, is a classy batsman, and Felix, Son of Simon Van Der Borgh is multi-talented sportsman, plus pacy, aggressive fast-bowler to boot.


After a short discussion in the changing room about Darwin's total bunkum regarding inheritable traits, the ‘Enders took to the field. The Balliol pitch has grown increasingly benign over the years with consistent, meagre bounce and little lateral movement making this no hunting ground for seamers. Skipper d’Inverno wisely switched to the wily spin of Lyons Senior after just nine tidy but unthreatening overs of seam . Despite the Scalpel of Meniscal hanging over him, he winkled out an obdurate opener and in tandem with Sid Chagule’s off spin - limited the scoring on this easy-paced track. Only one Emeriti batsmen prospered, riding his luck to an unbeaten century. Having promised his wife he would not bowl, veteran Weekender firebrand Simon VDB came back for one last job, to rattle, then snare a Don with his hostile left-arm shards.


Having contained the scoring to just 181 from 34 overs, the ‘Enders batters went about their business. Danny Marshall and Sid Chagule started in a breezy fashion, flying to an opening partnership of 46, until a runout and a mishit ended their respective innings. Dom Laurie entered the fray and wrenched control of the game with a series of clouts that had spectators murmuring “right-handed Matty Hayden”. Laurie hit nine boundaries in his 61 as none of the Emeriti bowlers seemed able to contain him on this docile pitch. It was left to Lyons and Van Der Borgh (not those ones) to assail the target, with Toby Lyons again in imperious form. Emeriti were hampered by a series of injuries towards the end of match, as some creaking joints buckled under the onslaught (we hope they recover well and soon). Big-up to our man Faraz Rashdi who volunteered to sub-field for the depleted oppo.