Unison v WCC


Thanks to a ringer gifted by the oppo an exciting and rare win for the boys.


WCC 144-2 (20 overs)

Unison 141-8 (20 overs)

WCC won by 3 runs


WCC 144

Pratik 75, Brockis 2, McDonald 46*, Mason 21*

dnb Douglas, Husaini, d'Inverno, Wallace, Bailey,


Unison 141-8

WCC Bowling:

Douglas 4-0-23-2,  Wallace 4-0-35-0,  d'Inverno 4-0-28-0,  Husaini 4-1-16-2,  Mason 2-0-13-1,  McDonald 2-0-24-0.

3 runouts

Brockis: 1 stumping

1 catch – anyone want to claim it?





Husain Husaini

21 May at 22:34 Edited


I am an occasional bowler. Frankly, if my team had any sense I would be far more occasional. So very thankful to the boys for giving me the opportunity to bowl my first ever maiden over. With Mark d'Inverno, Christopher Douglas, Joseph McDonald and Darrell Brockis





            ‪Joseph McDonald‪ You had em tied in knots.
Like Reply 1 21 May at 22:37‪


    Christopher DouglasThat was no ordinary maiden. In the context of the game it was a madonna with a madonna in a chastity belt with a five-lever Chubb lock
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            ‪Dominic Laurie‪ Was the batsman tied up by a rope?!Like Reply 1 Yesterday at 05:56‪


‪‪Mark d'InvernoIt was a heady mix of beauty, craft, guile, wit, panache and bounce. Genius!

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