WCC v NUTHURST. Mannings Heath. 6th Sept.


WCC 166-4


Nuthurst won by seven wickets.


In order to protect the houses ringing the boundary, the local rule stipulates that a shot which would normally be a six scores no runs at all. Despite a playing condition which, in theory, hands a huge advantage to the WCC bowlers, we still lost easily.  


WCC 166-4 (43 overs)

Hogben 56, Laurie 14, Dunne 27, MacDonald 25 not out, Whitehead 9, Lyons 8 not out. DNB: Douglas, d'Inverno, Orwell, Husaini, Dibley.


NUTHURST 169-3 (31.5 overs)

Douglas 9-0-45-0, Dibley 7-0-34-2, Orwell 5-0-21-0, Whitehead 7-0-36-1, Dunne 3.5-0-27-0.


Catch: 1 Husaini (kpr)