WEEKENDERS v HEARTACHES. Arundel Castle. 5th Sept.


WCC 138 all out

Heartaches 142-2

Heartaches won by 8 wickets




WCC were perhaps a bit overawed by their elevation to so lofty a level, but who wouldn't be unsettled by such lavish hospitality, the ravishing beauty of the setting and a PA announcer who got everyone's names right? Elysian is a word that comes to mind, except it was better than that because we didn't have to be dead to take part, or at all heroic. The Weekenders conducted themselves admirably during the meal breaks, and most had remembered to bring a clean cricket shirt; evidence that the club has indeed come a long way. Luckily our hosts didn't appear too put out by our poor showing and the consequent early finish.


Promising starts from our strong top order showed what we might have achieved on another day. Hugh Wilson (110 first-class wickets) added two lustrous Weekenders scalps to his career tally before having the misfortune to be lbw for 4. It was one of two early breakthroughs which had the hosts reeling at 9 for 2. One way and another, we couldn't quite maintain the pressure. The teatime homemade sausage rolls weren't the only reason for the result but they certainly played their part.  


After the match, the tourists found room for a large dinner at The Swan where Hogben excelled in the often tricky area of matching the outfit to the crockery.  





WCC 138 (44.1 overs)

Maloney 38, Hogben 16, MacDonald 0, J. Lyons 2, Cooper 19, Husaini 11, Dunne 3, R. Black 11, Douglas 17, Whitehead 3, Orwell 4 not out.

 DNB dŐInverno (non batting skipper – just like Mike Brearley )


HEARTACHES 142-2 (23.3 overs)

Whittome 52*, Glenn 56*

Douglas 7-0-24-1, Orwell 4-1-13-1, Whitehead 4-1-24-0, Lyons 1-0-10-0, Dunne 4.3-0-19-0, Cooper 2-0-15-0, Black 1-0-12-0.