WCC v Bromley Town 7th June 2015

Bromley won by 1 wicket.

35-over match



WCC 104

T Lyons 4, Lee 7, McDonald 23, J Lyons 8, Bailey 3, Douglas 2, Orwell 2, d'Inverno 5 É.  Extras 20.

T. Lyons, Lee and McDonald were allowed by the oppo to have a second innings; they made some more.


BTCC 107-9

WCC Bowling:

Douglas 8-0-23-1; Orwell 8-0-17-4; Lyons 5-0-39-0; d'Inverno 5-1-19-4


Catches:  Lee, dŐInverno, 4 Subs took 1 each.

Prizes won in the raffle: Douglas 1 (sponge bag)

Money spent supporting the charity out of guilt for only coming with 8 > 100 pounds      

Number of bits of charity cake bought by Joe McDonald – 456


1.         Champagne moment – being told the oppo would give us 3 young boys in the field who could all field, through and catch

2.         Vinegar moment – poor ole Julsey missing a sitter off Chris


Promise – next year not to turn up with 8. This is a lovely ground, a decent pitch, excellent oppo and a reasonably priced bar



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